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Q: What do you mean by "Dis-ease"?

A: I mean the word "disease", in that Jesus is capable of healing our mortal bodies. ALL "healing" comes from God whether through medicine, surgery, proper nutrition, prayer, or by visible "miracle". I will not deny the supernatural work of God, regardless of the supernatural deceptions of Satan, or the natural forgeries of men. MOREOVER, I mean "dis-ease". That is "distress", or the turmoil of our minds and spirits, our families, our communities, our nations, and in fact, of the entire earth. God is capable of "healing" far more than our mortal bodies through His Son, Jesus Christ.
2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 60:1-2; Hosea 14:4

Q: Is everyone healed?

A: YES, but regretfully not always manifested in this lifetime. My own mother died of cancer, and my pastor has health problems. My mother hasn't had cancer, or any other problem, for over twenty years, praise the Lord! The story of Job in the Bible shows the glory of God that seems to be revealed only through great trials in men who are willing to trust Him "yet though He slay me".

Q: How do you define "Reconciliation"?

A: "To make compatible." For example, reconciliation in the manner of reconciling my check register to my bank's monthly statement. The goal is to make each agree with the other, that is the bank says I had $500.00 in the bank on a certain date and my check register also shows I had $500.00 on that date. If there is a difference, I must find who made an error or omission. Speaking for myself, that is usually me. If so, I correct my error and agree with the bank's accounting. If I don't find an error on my part, I have to call the bank. Usually, they point out my error very quickly and I apologize. If they made the error, they make corrections, and then they apologize very quickly and sincerely.

When, one speaks of "reconciliation" between God and man, let me tell you...God doesn't make mistakes. When God shows us our errors, our debts and the accumulated penalties, and the process by which we can get relief, the only acceptable response is to admit our error, agree with His accounting, learn about His plan to solve the situation, and then enter into agreement on HIS TERMS!

Just as His great love towards us makes it possible for us to be reconciled to Himself in that He gave His Son to die for us while we were yet sinners, so we are to show that same long-suffering, love to those sinners who seem so repulsive to us. We are called to give ourselves first in love, so that sinful men can be God and to us, His children.

Q: What is OPFOR?

A: A military acronym for "opposing forces". I use the term to include Satan, demons, the world system, and the flesh.