The design and development of a web site for a Christian church or ministry is an essential tool for reaching today's culture. Don't get me wrong... it is not a replacement for Holy Spirit anointed human contact, but it can be a highly effective additional ministry for both outreach and community building.

According to Jesus Christ, one human soul is worth more than the wealth of the entire world. If that is true, why then do corporations put considerable thought and effort into developing first-class websites to reach their customers, merely to make money, whereas most Christian sites look haphazard?

Here are some professional guidelines to aid in effective web design:

  1. KISS. Keep it simple... sir.
  2. Function before form. The site must work, being pretty, flashy, and trendy is secondary... if not counter-productive.
  3. Design with the target audience in mind. Seekers, and/or believers. Stay on message.
  4. The "3-click" rule. Visitors want be able to find what they are seeking quickly.
  5. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom. In English speaking cultures we are accustomed to reading in that pattern, don't violate it just to be innovative.
  6. No "serial-killer" fonts. Pick two. Use them carefully. For text body, stay with dark fonts on light background.
  7. Use two colors, or three at most, plus black, white, and shades of gray.
  8. No "under construction" notices. Duh. Web sites are always in transition. Just like churches... unless they are dead
  9. Keep information current! Last week's schedule isn't helpful, let alone last month's event, or last year's information!

As part of my ministry, I can act as a consultant, web designer and developer, webmaster, or any combination of the foregoing.