The purpose of Battle Focused Ministries is to help local churches by enhancing situational awareness of the spiritual battlefield - in order to develop & equip leaders fighting the good fight of faith, encourage spectators to share in hardships as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, and to warn the innocent & bystanders of impending danger.

We teach Christian soldiers how to secure victory in spiritual warfare through personal evangelism, discipleship, and teamwork (in the local church) in order to destroy the works of the devil in our generation and to show this evil world the great salvation our Father God has given us through Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, this evangelistic ministry is dedicated to the service and glory of God by benevolently:

  • ministering to all humankind,
  • proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
  • teaching the wisdom of the Holy Bible, and
  • fostering the reconciliation of humanity into fellowship with God and with each other.

Battle Focused Ministries is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the Washington State Nonprofit Corporation Act; and, organized exclusively for the religious, charitable, educational, and scientific purposes allowed under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The ministry also operates under the authority of a local church - Reconciled Christian Fellowship.

Being only a relatively small ministry, this website currently touches approximately 80 people a day (not counting visits of less than 30 seconds), from more than 150 countries during this last year. The equivilent time, however, in face-to-face contact would take over 12 hours daily of door-to-door visitation, spiritual conversations in the marketplace, and scheduled counseling appointments... not counting preparation and travel.