Christian Discipleship & Spiritual Warfare

The purpose of this evangelistic ministry is to help local churches by enhancing situational awareness of the spiritual battlefield - in order to develop & equip leaders fighting the good fight of faith, encourage spectators to share in hardships as good soldiers of Jesus Christ, and to warn the innocent & bystanders of impending danger.

We teach Christian soldiers how to secure victory in spiritual warfare through personal evangelism, discipleship, and teamwork (in the local church) in order to destroy the works of the devil in our generation and to show this evil world the great salvation our Father God has given us through Jesus Christ.

Online Bible Study Resources

Interactive Spiritual Warfare Chart
  • The Spiritual Warfare Matrix is a graphical overview of the battle of the ages between Jesus Christ and Satan, and between the Church and the fallen world system. A battle tracking matrix is chart used by military commanders to convey multifaceted information in a comprehensive, yet compact form - in order to enhance situational awareness and to facilitate the decision making process.
  • The chart illustrates the characteristics, missions, weapons, tactics, battlefield, strongholds, physical symptoms, and spiritual results of the war. The print version has a quick reference card on the backside with scriptures related to spiritual warfare.
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Itinerant Evangelism & Local Church Ministries

  • Robert S. Sims served in the US Army as an infantry sergeant for twenty years. His primary duty was to train small teams in preparation for combat.
  • Since military retirement, he now serves in the Lord's army and is still teaching soldiers - good soldiers of Jesus Christ. (2 Timothy 2:1-4)
  • He is available to conduct spiritual warfare training which emphasizes personal evangelism, discipleship, and teamwork through the local church. He is also available as a guest speaker.
  • For more information about our ministry, see Robert S. Sims
  • You may listen to us at BlogTalkRadio or Sermon Audio.